Let's build wealth juntos!

You didn’t come this far to only come this far

You’ve already done things that very few people with your life experiences, heritage, gender or sexual orientation have been able to accomplish. You have learned to navigate spaces where you once felt you didn't belong and now you are paving the way for others. And yet, it's still just the beginning for you!

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Living in a capitalist society with cisheteropatriarchal norms, negatively impacts our money narratives. Work with Soledad to identify and release the money beliefs that are not aligned with your financial goals.


Learn the factors that impact your credit score, how to create a spending plan that maximizes your cash flow, how to invest, ways to reduce your tax liability, what insurance coverage you need, and everything else to build your financial confidence.


Create systems that allow you to live below your means, build an emergency fund, earn cash back from credit cards, invest for early retirement, buy real estate, support loved ones and anything else your heart desires.

1:1 Signature Coaching Package Includes

  • Twelve forty-five minute Zoom calls with Soledad

  • Access to the eMoney platform to monitor progress towards your financial goals

  • Voxer access to Soledad (24 - 48 hour response, Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm PST only)

  • Access to replays of all 2022 monthly Financial Literacy Workshops 

  • Access to monthly eMoney office hours to budget with Soledad

  • Access to replays of 2022 "Thought Work Group Coaching" Sessions

  • Wealth Para Todos Academy Membership for all of 2023


  • $6,000 when paid in full

  • OR Six payments of $1,010‚Äč

Next Steps to Start Your Financial Transformation


Fill out an application to express your interest in working 1:1 with Soledad


Schedule a 45 minute complimentary call to determine whether Soledad is the right financial coach for you


Agree to work with Soledad for six months so you can increase your net worth, financial literacy and money confidence

1:1 Financial Coaching Application

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