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Breathe In, Breathe Out (Vol. 1 No.5)

money mindset tips Mar 01, 2021

Happy March Amor!

I've been taking a lot of deep breaths lately. I have been bombarded with a lot of changes these past few months and I have been struggling to adapt. Can you relate?

I started 2021 with these goals: (1) Lose 30lbs (2) Pass CFP Exam in July (3) Max out Husbae's 401k (4) Invest $12k in an IRA (5) Save $50k for a house down payment (6) Go on a Family Vacation (7) Go on a vacation with only husbae and (8) Grow my Wealth Para Todos community through a blog, newsletter, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

In January, I was pumped. I created a daily schedule. I tracked my progress. I checked in with my accountability partners. I reflected weekly on what went well and what needed improvement. I fell asleep each night proud and excited to take action the next day.

And then life started to happen. Loved ones died. Husbae wanted to quit his job. I stayed up late having dinero conversations. I was then too tired to wake-up early and journal. I told myself "Tomorrow I will study for my CFP." Instead of planning my schedule at night, I just wanted to relax and watch Netflix. Watching Netflix made me want to snack on something salty, then something sweet. Slowly, I just started to fall into hold habits that were not aligned with my 2021 goals. Breathe in, breathe out.

When I take deep breaths, I am reminded that progress happens poco a poco. I hear a little voice that says "Poco a poco is better than nunca y nada." That voice is full of compassion and when I operate from compassion, I feel more resilient. When I am resilient, anything is possible.

I want this e-mail to serve as a reminder for you to check-in with your goals. Perhaps you have fallen into habits that are not aligned with your 2021 goals too and it's time for you reflect. Life is going to continue to happen. We need to make sure we give ourselves space to rest and play. Maybe we need less goals? Maybe we need to adjust our time frames? Maybe we just need new goals?


Where do you stand with your 2021 goals? Hit the reply button and let me know, pretty pretty please. Whether you have been struggling or killing it, I want to hype you up. And just in case you need a compassionate reminder, I made you a Desktop Background.png

Todo con tiempo,



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