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Can you rest?

self care tips Mar 26, 2022

Dear Amor,

You were not put on this Earth to serve others. You are not here to work all day long and then come home tired to then serve others some more. You deserve ease and rest too, amor!

Though you may struggle with feelings of guilt when protecting your energy and wellness, please know that you are not selfish for prioritizing your well-being. Capitalism wants you exhausted. The cisheteropatriarchy wants you subservient. Consumerism wants you emotionally depleted.

This is why choosing to practice self-care DAILY is essential to the collective. This is why you setting boundaries with your employer, co-workers, family, partner, and anyone else not choosing to exist in right relation with you is critical to our collective resilience.

If you care about making the world a better place, you have to start by protecting your energy. There is no liberation from systemic problems if you are too sick or tired to resist.

And of course amor, there will be days where you spend more time crying than laughing, PLEASE allow yourself this release. You do not have to keep carrying the pressure and pain contigo. You deserve to expand your comfort zone poco a poco.

Do you believe this amor?

I hope so because if you don't believe that you are worthy of wellness you may talk yourself into staying at jobs that underpay you, turning to debt to pay for temporary satisfaction, too exhausted to learn how to invest, and too burnt out to dream about ways to become work optional.

Creating a financial plan to retire early requires knowing you are worthy of rest and ease. It requires reminding yourself daily that you have the capacity to turn obligations to options, that you can choose play over productivity, and that you can opt-out of every belief that keeps you where you know in your heart you are not supposed to be.

If you are already a client of mine, I hope this email reminds you to stick to your self-care plan. If you are not a client yet, use this link to schedule a time to learn how my coaching services can put you on a path to becoming work optional también.

Todo con tiempo,



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