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Investing in Your Wholeness

investing tips May 14, 2022

Dear Amor,

Once you start learning about investing in the stock market and prioritizing sending your extra cash flow towards your early retirement goals, you can start to lose sight of investing in your wholeness. I see it all the time with my clients and I've even experienced it myself!

Someone starts creating a spending plan for the first time and they become so focused on a paying off their debt, they don't want to spend money on much-needed clothing items so they walk around feeling blah.

Someone is so excited about finally having a fully-funded emergency fund, they don't want to use it when they have unexpected car problems and end up paying interest on a purchase they could have paid with cash.

Someone is so focused on maxing out their Roth IRA, they decide to reduce their therapy sessions, don't find another way to support their mental health and end up feeling depressed and overwhelmed.

Someone wants to save for a down payment on a home, that they refuse to spend money on their current living space to make it more comfortable and find themselves complaining everyday about where they live.

Someone cares so much about sending their child to college debt-free, they focus more on investing money in their child's 529 account instead of paying for a babysitter so they can get some regular alone time.

Someone really wants to take a vacation so they start working over-time which causes them to be so tired every night they can barely stay awake watching TV.

I could go on and on. Whether you are focused on increasing your cash flow, paying off your debt, building savings, or maxing out your retirement accounts so that one day you can retire early, PLEASE don't lose sight of your wholeness.

You are more than a financial goal. You are a person with mental, emotional, and physical needs. Always prioritize your wellness first and money will come your way. Focus only on a money goal and your wellness will surely GO AWAY.

The exhausted brain thinks in binaries. The exhausted brain makes you think you can either have [INSERT SOMETHING YOU WANT] or financial independence. When in reality, you can have both... con tiempo.

You have to rest. You have to nourish your body with nutrient-rich foods. You have to set boundaries with your job and family. You have to make time to move your body and stretch. You have to fall in love with taking care of yourself so much you end both WELL-thy and WEALTHY.

I want you to train your brain to notice how every time you invest in your wholeness, money comes your way. I see this happen ALL the time.

A client decides to meet with a therapist weekly, they get a promotion.

A client decides to take a much needed weekend off, they get an unexpected pay raise.

A client decides to buy a new sofa, they find an affordable apartment in a neighborhood they like.

A client decides to set "Do Not Disturb" on their phone, they find themselves with the energy to cook at home more.

Invest in your wholeness first and you will always have money to invest in the stock market.

Still don't believe me? TRY IT for yourself amor. What is something you have been debating spending money on that will nurture your wellness? Go ahead make the purchase, then notice that life goes on, bills get paid, and money comes your way.

Send me an e-mail or DM when it happens, I would love to share it with this community. We need to gather evidence that it's safe to prioritize our wellness. We need to prove to ourselves and others that we can self-care our way to early retirement. We need to know that no matter where we are financially at this moment our health must always come first.

I can't wait to hear from you!

Todo con tiempo,


P.S. I have recently been practicing what I preach. I've been very purposeful with my time and energy. I've decreased my availability so I can make sure I am incorporating the 7 types of rest into my self-care routines. On Mexican Mother's Day, I got a letter from the IRS saying I over-paid in taxes with a $6,448.43 check! #ItPaysToRest


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