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Let's Talk Dinero (Vol 1 No. 20)

saving tips spending tips Oct 15, 2021
Hey, hey, hey Amor!
I hope you are making progress on your one financial commitment for October. Remember I challenged you to commit to one of the following for this month?
  • Make a copy of this October Google Sheet and track your spending to collect more data regarding your spending habits
  • Try an app that you can link to your credit cards, debit cards and checking account to track your spending for you (App Suggestions)
  • Use the Spending Plan Checklist.pdf to make a plan for your October dinero
  • Focus on reducing spending in one category to send more money towards a financial goal
  • Focus on increasing income to send more money towards a financial goal
  • Schedule a meeting with Soledad to review your data and come up with some next "wealth builder" steps
Whether you have been making a lot of progress or no progress on your financial commitment, I hope these interviews from my "Latinx Gente Talk Dinero Series" on Instagram inspire you to keep building wealth poco a poco.
For the past 30 days, I went live on Instagram to interview various personal finance content creators, money coaches, financial educators, money experts, financial planners...basically anyone who talks dinero sin vergüenza publicly because I want to normalize us talking money. We can't learn what we don't know, unless we talk dinero!
Unfortunately, Instagram had some crusty, dusty, musty moments so not all of my interviews are available for replays but 90% of them are saved to my IGTV channel for you to listen to while you're washing dishes, folding laundry, cleaning your house, exercising, commuting, showering or whenever you need some money motivation.
September 15th - Victor Talks Real Estate
September 16th - Charly Talks Trusting Yourself
September 17th - Lea Talks Releasing Debt Shame
September 18th - Debbie Talks Facing Your Numbers
September 19th - Sahrinys Talks Building a Financial Foundation
September 20th - Cindy Talks Limitless Income Opportunities
September 21st - Jen Talks Shifting Our Mindset
September 22nd - Vanessa Talks Passing Down Confianza
September 23rd - Yanely Talks Building an Emergency Fund
September 24th - Cynthia Talks Individual Stocks Changing Her Financial Journey
September 25th - Araceliz Talks Knowing Your Worth Doesn't Come from Things
September 26th - Kevin Talks Building Wealth as a DACA Recipient
September 27th - Danielle Talks Raising Our Wages so We Can Invest More
September 28th - Jannese Talks Delegating as a Means to Build Wealth
September 29th - Lucia Talks Building Wealth as a First Gen Professional
September 30th - Soledad Talks Dinero with Her Comadre, Husbae and Tia
October 1st - Andrea Talks Releasing the Shame Around Wealth Building
October 2nd - Sonia Talks Mujeres Becoming Wealthy
October 3rd - IG Live with Dania & Evelyn from Maldita Pobreza Finance didn't save
October 4th - Maria Talks Using Money as a Tool
October 5th - Wali Talks Negotiating Your Salary
October 6th - Gigi Talks Stepping into Our Power
October 7th - Nora Talks Investing en Español
October 8th - Unable to go live with the amazing Anna N'Jie-Konte because Instagram was throwing a tantrum
October 9th - Evelyn Talks Investing While Paying Off Debt
October 10th - Jay Talks Building Wealth While Dealing with Trauma
October 11th - IG live with Luzy didn't save because Instagram was being crusty, dusty & musty like I said in the beginning
October 12th - Alejandra Talks Becoming a Millionaire
October 13th - Nathalie Talks Building Wealth Despite Generational Trauma
October 14th - Miriam Talks Living La Vida Debt Free
October 15th - Janet Talks Facing Your Truth
Do you know the two responses that most of my guests said changed their financial trajectories? Yup, you're right amor budgeting and investing!
We are intentional with our dinero so we can invest our dinero. If you need support with those two things, you can schedule a day to talk dinero conmigo for an hour here.
Todo con tiempo,


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