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Letting go of Identities that Don't Serve You

self care tips May 21, 2022

Dear Amor,

I'm on a mission to figure out what it takes for BIPOC, women, and LGBTQ+ folk to work because they want to, not because they have to. I used to think that all we needed was to increase our financial literacy but now I know that is just the beginning.

Since I was never taught the foundations that build financial security in school or from my family, I was determined to teach myself. And as I learned, I was determined to teach others through my social media content, workshops and newsletter. And just to make sure everyone here understands the financial basics, I want you to download this "Foundations of Financial Security .pdf" and start to think about what you need to work on developing poco a poco.

Increasing your financial literacy is the EASY part, nurturing new identities that allow you to have the emotional and physical capacity to have consistent extra cash flow is the HARD part.

You can't have extra cash flow without setting spending boundaries with others. That may mean telling a parent or child, that you can not give them the money they are requesting.

You can't have extra cash flow if you are too tired to look for a new job. That may mean setting strict boundaries with your current employer and not doing any work for them beyond your work hours.

You can't have extra cash flow if you keep spending money on temporary solutions for a loved one's problem. That may mean having a difficult conversation telling a loved one that you are no longer going to support them if they don't get professional help.

You can't have extra cash flow if you keep yourself in situations that diminish your wellness. That may mean moving to a new place and increasing your expenses so you can eventually have the capacity to increase your income again.

You can't have extra cash flow if you keep showing up for everyone else and putting yourself last. That may mean being uncomfortable watching others struggle with something you believe you can fix so quickly.

If you want to build wealth amor, you are going to have evolve as a person.

You will need to create new beliefs about what it means to be a "good child," "good parent," "good sibling," "good employee," "good romantic partner," etc.

You are going to have question all the expectations you have of yourself and give yourself the grace to let go of any that don't serve you.

You don't have to be the "responsible one," the "fixer," or the "problem-solver," all the time and for everyone. You are one member of a community, not the only one it. Let other people practice problem-solving so you can practice resting. Trust me you wellness is essential to the collective.

Todo con tiempo,


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