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Thoughts that Increase Your Extra Cash Flow

self care tips Jun 04, 2022

Dear Amor,

A key part of your financial journey is maximizing your extra cash flow. Remember "cash flow" is your income minus your expenses. You can increase your extra cash flow by decreasing your expenses which has its limits. Or you can increase your extra cash flow by increasing your income which has no limit.

It's your extra cash flow that pays off your debt ASAP. It's your extra cash flow that builds an appropriate sized emergency fund in a high-yield savings account. It's your extra cash flow that funds your Travel fund, Holiday fund, House Down Payment Fund, Loved One Emergency Fund, or any other sinking fund for planned upcoming expenses. And it's your extra cash flow that gets invested in your retirement accounts and taxable brokerage account.

When working with my clients to increase their extra cash flow, I focus on increasing their income. Your ability to increase your income is directly related to your thoughts. Only YOU know the thoughts you have about your capacity to work a 9 to 5 and build a cash-generating business. Only YOU know the thoughts you have about being able to find and apply to a higher-paying job. Only YOU know the thoughts that keep you from asking for a raise or applying for a promotion.

And if you ever attended one of my free monthly workshops, got on a call to work 1:1 with me, or have started coaching with me, then you already know...

Your thoughts cause your feelings. Your feelings impact your actions. And your actions create your results.

What thoughts do you have about increasing your extra cash flow? Do those thoughts make you excited, hopeful, and optimistic? If yes, I'm sure you will get the results you want con tiempo. If not, try out the following thoughts.

  • Thought #1: Money always flows my way when I engage consistently in my wellness routines.
  • Thought #2: I am grateful for all my skills that I can monetize.
  • Thought #3: I give myself space to increase my cash flow at my own pace.
  • Thought #4: I am in control of my timeline.
  • Thought #5: I can create safety and find joy in the job application process.
  • Thought #6: I always get the support and help that I need.
  • Thought #7: Lo que es para mi, nadie me lo quita. (What is meant for me, will always be mine.)

Choosing thoughts that serve you is the key to making sure you are spending your time and energy on actions that lead to the results you want. Getting out of your comfort zone makes EVERYONE spiral. You are not the only one with a brain that fills you with doubt and insecurity when you are trying to increase your income. Our brains are just trying to keep us safe.

It takes conscious effort to notice your thoughts and to look for evidence for the thoughts that serve you. Do this work first, and you will find that optimizing your LinkedIn profile, applying for jobs, networking with possible employers/future co-workers, setting boundaries with your 9 to 5 to run your business, etc. gets easier. If you need support, Voxer me if you're already a client or apply to work 1:1 conmigo so you can become a client.

Todo con tiempo,

P.S. I didn't send out an email last Saturday because I needed extra rest. I had to process a lot of thoughts and emotions in May and it was exhausting. Thank you for understanding.


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