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What to do when It's "Too Much"

self care tips Apr 16, 2022

Dear Amor,

I want you to know that as you are following your financial plan to retire early, you will have moments where it feels like "too much."

Going to school to try to get a degree that will put you on a path to a higher-paying job will feel like "too much."

Sitting down and reviewing your debt, noticing the amount you have paid in interest, and knowing that you don't have the extra cash flow to make additional payments right now will feel like "too much."

Deciding to automate money to build your emergency fund, then having to use that money for unexpected expenses, only to have to rebuild your emergency fund again will feel like "too much."

Opening an investment account, reading various books, listening to different podcasts, and trying to choose assets will feel like "too much."

Looking for a new job, submitting applications, and being rejected by possible employers will feel like "too much."

Raising a child, spending quality time with them, caring for them, and trying to protect them from harm will feel like "too much."

Having a 9-5, developing a side-hustle, advertising your side-hustle, and doing the work to keep customers happy with your side hustle will feel like "too much."

Going to therapy, working on your communication skills, feeling your feelings, and being patient with your healing will feel like "too much."

Being the responsible one in your familia, taking care of your elders, and choosing to take deep breaths when others choose to rage will feel like "too much."

When you have these moments, I want you to 🛑 stop.🛑 I don't want you to "keep going" immediately.

I want you to breathe for at least one-minute. I want you to listen to the part of you that feels overwhelmed and promise that you will rest.

Promise that you will take at least 2 hours to get some alone time where you are not going to think about everything that needs to get done. Promise that you will take the time to take care of yourself. Everyone and everything else can wait.

You deserve cariño and grace too, amor.

And remember if you ever need someone to hold space for the challenges that come with trying to become financially secure, I would love to work 1:1 with you through my 6-month coaching program. Not only will you learn everything necessary to budget, save, and invest with confianza, you will learn poco a poco how to build financial security with joy.

Todo con tiempo,


  • Watch this video on LinkedIn for a reminder that daily rest is necessary in order to build wealth.

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