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You're Not Bad with Money

money mindset tips Mar 19, 2022

Dear Amor,

I don't believe you were ever bad with money.

I believe...

  • your lived experiences have you made risk-averse so your dinero losing its value to inflation feels safer than the ups and downs that come with investing in the stock market.
  • you've been busy being navigating completely new experiences as the first person in your family to go to college so the idea of figuring how to retire early feels overwhelming.
  • you are raising children and trying so hard to break generational curses that the idea of starting a side hustle to increase your income only comes to you when you have some peaceful time to yourself.

I believe...

  • you were never taught how to build your credit, how to save, and how to invest by your immigrant parents and now you feel like it's too late for you to learn
  • you have all-or-nothing thinking when it comes to work and fun so you go back and forth between saving money while you bury yourself in work and then splurging money when you finally stop working
  • you focus more on how helping your loved ones and others around you because it's the perfect distraction from the ways you are struggling emotionally and financially

I believe...

  • you are consistently giving money to others instead of investing more towards retirement because you feel guilty that you have more financial stability than your loved ones
  • you are struggling with having enough money to live debt-free because you don't believe people will pay you more
  • you expect yourself to be happy all that time so you try to gain temporary satisfaction whenever your stressed at work from eating out

I believe...

  • you rather focus on how your partner needs to change instead of focusing on how you need to change because you are too exhausted to do that inner work
  • you are living in a capitalist cisheteronormative patriarchal society that tells you constantly through advertisements that your value is tied to your looks so you spend money trying to increase your worth
  • your energy has been consumed with all the suffering happening around you due to systemic problems that you haven't had the capacity to create a financial plan that leads you to financial security.

Deep breaths. Inhale for 1, 2, and 3. Exhale for 1, 2, and 3.

Amor, you're not bad with money, you are overwhelmed with other parts of your life. Nobody can manage their money when they are struggling with managing their thoughts.

If you continue to ignore your emotional and physical needs, then it's likely you will continue to ignore your negative cash flow, your growing debt, your lack of savings, and everything you don't know about investing.

You need to create and follow a self-care plan before you create and follow a financial plan. Only when you stay committed to taking care of your self, will you have the emotional capacity to change your financial trajectory.

So amor, rest, drink water, go outside, journal, take a nap, ask for help, delegate, say "no," let the phone go unanswered, wait till work hours to check your email, and do whatever else you need to truly take care of yourself.

Remember to practice self-care throughout your day not just on the weekends or on vacations. THIS amor is how you start to build financial security.

It would be my honor to hold you accountable to your self-care plan as we work on your financial plan. If you want my support, apply to work 1:1 conmigo here.

Your wellness and financial security is essential to the collective amor.

Todo con tiempo,



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