Pedestrians from an Ariel View

 You didn’t come this far to only come this far 

 You’ve already done things that very few people with your life experiences, heritage, gender or sexual orientation have been able to accomplish.

You have learned to navigate spaces where you once felt you didn't belong and now you are paving the way for others.

And yet, it's still just the beginning for you!


You deserve even more!

Wealth Para Todos financial coaching is made for first generation wealth builders. Whether you’re an immigrant, child of immigrants, the first person in your family to go to college, or the first to be self-employed, you deserve a financial coach who holds space for your fears and dreams while guiding you to create a financial plan that allows you to retire whenever you want. 

Get support with...

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1:1 Signature Coaching Package Includes

  • Twelve forty-five minute Zoom calls with Soledad

  • Access to the eMoney platform to monitor progress towards your financial goals 

  • Voxer access to Soledad (24 - 48 hour response, Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm PST only)


  • $4,000 when paid in full 

  • OR Six payments of $720​

Next Steps to Start Your Financial Transformation


Fill out an application to express your interest in working 1:1 with Soledad


Schedule a 45 minute complimentary call to determine whether Soledad is the right financial coach for you


Agree to work with Soledad for six months so you can increase your net worth, financial literacy and money confidence

1:1 Financial Coaching Application - Part 1