Tips for Sticking to Your Financial Plan! (Vol.1 No.15)

One of my favorite aspects of talking dinero with gente is crunching the numbers so they have a plan to reach their financial goals. Whether a client is looking to create a debt-pay-off strategy or create a plan to retire at the age that they want, I love gathering their unique numbers, listening to their money management preferences, and telling them where to send their dinero so they can become more financially secure. But there is a huge difference between having a financial plan and actually following your financial plan.

See, I know exactly how much I need to invest a year in order to retire early at the age of 47, but just because I know how much to invest monthly or from each paycheck doesn't mean I always do it. 🙈

  • Sometimes I find myself too scared to invest the money and prefer to keep it in my savings account because I'm worried that more dinero won't come my way. #SelfEmployedSweetie

  • Or sometimes I rather spend more on eating out with loved ones than sending dinero towards a financial goal that nobody else in my everyday vida has. #firstgenwealthbuilder

  • And sometimes I have no choice because unexpected expenses come up and dinero that was supposed to go towards investments ends up paying for some bill. #lifehappens


Yet, despite these moments, I'm still 82% complete with my investment goal for 2021! 🎉🎈🙌🏽🎈🎉 And because what I really want is for us ALL to be building wealth juntos, here are five tips to make sure you follow your financial plan.

  1. Don't expect perfection from yourself! - It's unrealistic that you will be able to send the same amount of dinero each month towards debt, savings, or investments. Even if you get paid the same amount each month, LIFE HAPPENS and you have to be flexible with what life throws at you especially when we are STILL dealing with a global pandemic. 💫

  2. Don't get fixated on sending a specific amount towards a goal. - Instead of thinking "I am going to send $200 a month towards [insert your financial goal here]" think "I'm going to send between $50 to $400 a month towards [insert your financial goal here]." This allows you to be proud of sending 1/4 or four times the amount and not letting "all or nothing" thinking interfere with progress. 💫

  3. Create a hype-up routine. - You are going to doubt your ability to move closer to financial security. Whether you are focused on eliminating debt or finding a way to increase your income, it's normal to question your potential. Prepare for these moments with a routine that will boost your confidence. Have a song that reminds you of your badassness. Look back at the progress you've made so far and pat your back. Read through inspirational quotes. Reach out to someone who will remind you that "YOU GOT THIS." 💫

  4. When unexpected dinero comes your way, send it towards your financial goal primero. - A tax refund, bonus, insurance reimbursement, Child Tax Credit money, credit card rewards, etc. can increase your momentum. See that unexpected dinero as a gift from the universe to ensure you reach your financial goal instead of a gift from the universe to update your wardrobe. 💫

  5. Stay mindful of ways to increase your extra cash flow. - Maybe you will want to review your spending to find ways to get rid of the subscriptions that are no longer worth it. Maybe you will find items you are not using and sell them. Maybe you will monetize your skills to create a side-hustle. Maybe you will find ways to minimize expenses by bartering. However, you do it, just make sure to expand ways to get extra dinero so you have more of it towards your financial goals. 💫

I believe you are capable of reaching all your financial goals by following your financial plan poco a poco. If you ever need someone to hype you up, I'm only an e-mail or Instagram DM away. And if you need help creating a financial plan, schedule a time to talk dinero conmigo right here.

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