Wealth Para Todos Academy 

A community of BIPOC, Women and LGBTQ+ folk committed to building wealth pocopoco.

We are committed to increasing our financial literacy, nurturing money beliefs that serve us and engaging in dinero routines that put us on track to becoming work optional. We choose to self-care and self-love our way to financial freedom despite the systemic barriers that impact our financial security in the United States. 

Let's Build Wealth Juntos!

Members of the Wealth Para Todos Academy

  • Attend monthly financial literacy workshops 
  • Unlearn beliefs that don’t serve their financial goals and adopt new beliefs that are in alignment with their desired financial trajectory through thought work. 
  • Commit to creating spending plan to maximize their extra cash flow
  • Use their extra cash flow to pay off debt, max out retirement investment accounts, build an emergency fund, save for big purchases and to protect their joy 
  • Track their financial numbers monthly to ensure that they are increasing their net worth poco a poco
  • Engage in daily self-care to nurture their wellness 
  • Acknowledge that racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, white supremacy, ableism, etc impact people’s health & ability to build wealth

Members of the Wealth Para Todos Academy receive access to:

  1. Wealth Para Todos 2022 Financial Literacy Workshops 
  2. Wealth Para Todos 2022 Group Thought Work 
  3. Access to live monthly financial literacy workshops in 2023
  4. Access to live monthly Thought Work Group Coaching sessions in 2023
  5. eMoney platform to track their expenses and investment progress 
  6. Monthly coworking budgeting hours 
  7. Monthly “Increase Your Income” Group Support Sessions
Let's Build Wealth Juntos!

Members of Wealth Para Todos Academy are expected to:

  • Attend all financial literacy workshops live or watch the replays
  • Attend all Thought Work Group Coaching sessions live or watch the replays 
  • Submit the “Know Your Numbers” form monthly 
  • Eliminate at least $10K in debt, save $10k, invest $10k, spend $10k in self-care activities or a $10K combination of all four
  • Engage in daily self-care routines that nurture their wellness 


  • Free to current 1:1 Clients  (6Month and Quarterly)
  • Early Bird Price till November 15th 
    • $555 when paid in full or 3 payments of $250 
  • November 16th to December 16th 
    • $999 when paid in full or 3 payments of $400


Today is the day you commit to increasing your financial literacy so you can obtain the financial security you deserve!

Let's Build Wealth Juntos!